The Only REAL Choice

Here’s the thing. We started doing this because of how inefficient the mobile app space is. By being up-front, fast and efficient we can offer the custom APP you want faster than it takes many of your other “options” just to return a phone call. Making us the only REAL choice when it comes to creating and hosting your Custom APP. No contracts, no guessing. Just efficient convenience.

We WANTED an app of our own! We wanted to know what it would cost to build and host a simple app that made reaching customers easy. And instead of finding answers, we found frustration. Nothing was ever fast or easy. We would put in our contact information into a website and wait for a call back. Or, we would call an app-builder… and WAIT for a call back. And what wouldn’t have been so bad was made worse when the majority of our calls or emails were left unanswered. When the calls WOULD come, we could never get a straight answer whenever it came to cost. Several weeks, sometimes over a month would go by.

We felt that we could provide a simple, easy efficient solution to this problem. There are THOUSANDS of businesses that would benefit from having a customized APP to reach out to their customers. These same APPS can also make reaching new customers easier. Just imagine: Your business now has a mobile presence. Your loyal customers can now refer your business through your APP. New customers can easily find you. You can easily create an incentive for people to come to you using coupons. You can inform everyone with your APP of upcoming events to build hype. And one of the best parts is; you would be able to track how many people you are reaching. Now imagine that having all of that is just an APP away and you can’t even get a PRICE, let alone a timeframe of when you can have that APP in your customers’ hands!

Frustrating isn’t it?

Well, good news! We tell you right up front what it will take to get that APP and host it. AND we deliver that APP faster than it takes many people just to return your phone call. For many of our customers: if you were to place your order on a Monday, many of our clients’ custom Apps are ready by the end of the week! Now THAT’S convenience! Imagine that.