Q: I’ve gotten bids on APPS similar to this that cost 10,000 or more, how can you offer it SOOOO much cheaper than that?
A: Easy. We’ve streamlined the process for you. We asked businesses what they wanted most from their APPS and then focused our development process to just those things. We do them fast, we do them well! The savings on man-hours and development is passed on to you in the form of a MUCH lower price than the same APP being built by someone else.

Q: Why do I have to pay for hosting? I can get my APP hosted for free with “XYZ APP Builder”?
A: It’s true that you can sometimes have your APP hosted for free if you use XYZ APP Builder. But that’s because you’ll pay $10,000+ to hire them. With that kind of markup, it would take almost 9 YEARS before you would have spent that much using us. Not to mention the fact that if you ever stopped using your APP before that 9 years is up, you’d get none of your $10,000+ back because you’d already spent it. We felt that giving the freedom to businesses to pay as they go AND offering a low price was the most powerful alternative we could offer. So we did!

Q: This custom APP looks great! I think feature: “ABC” would be really useful and I don’t see that in there already. Can you add that for me?
A: We’ve done our very best to include all the features that were most commonly requested by businesses and even some that weren’t. The reason we can offer these custom APPS to you so inexpensively is because we’ve streamlined developing these features for you. If you can’t find a certain feature, email us at: appFeatures@nowYouAreMobile.com