Our Story

I was driving home one day from work and thought to myself: “What is my local hobby shop doing tonight?”  I pulled out my smart phone, opened the internet browser, went to their website and finally looked at their event calendar.

Then I thought: “What if there was easier way to get that information?”  As a customer I would be really excited to use it. So I did some research and found my answer when I learned, that smart phone users interact more with the internet through Apps than they do through a browser.  When I thought about this it made perfect sense.  I don’t go to Facebook dot com on my phone, I go to the Facebook App.  I don’t go to my financial institutions website, I use their App.  If only my hoppy shop had an App I could download, then I would have all their info at my finger tips in just a few taps.


Apps are the best way for businesses small and large to reach their customers.  We started Now You Are Mobile to help business reach out to their customers and interact with them on the level and on the platforms they are using everyday.  We offer incredible functionality and features to include an event calender, links to your website and social media sites, GPS coupons, push notifications and more!  (Click here to view all the options.)

We’ve actually done the research and have found there are many companies who offer mobile “solutions” for companies.  However, for the same functions we offer you can expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 – $35,000 in development fees!!!  The reason they are so much is because some companies only build native, platform specific Apps.  They program from the ground up each time and capture all the features inside the App itself.  This is very expensive, with a price tag that is completely unreasonable for most businesses.


We are offering a hybrid application where some features, such as the GPS coupons and push notifications, are built into the App and use the functionality of smart phones to take your presence into the pockets of your customers, while other features build upon your established web presence by linking to your sites.  By reusing basic codes we keep our development costs low and pass the savings unto you.  We offer a multi-platform app that is free for your customers to download and at a fraction of the cost of our nearest competitor.  Click on the tabs above to learn more of how Now You Are Mobile can help you maximize on your advertising budget.

Your customers are mobile.  Are you?